Building Relationships

Our customer service team members are well equipped, courteous, skilled and professional craftsmen. When contacting our customer service team you can expect:

  • they will respond to your contact within the same business day
  • they will listen to your needs
  • they will assist in identifying your issue(s)
  • they will schedule action appropriately, and
  • they will maintain contact and adjust to your scope of work and schedule changes

It is our commitment to our customers that they are satisfied with the quality of service they receive from the pre-construction phase all the way through the completion of the one year warranty. In order to ensure this satisfaction, we provide the following quality control process:

  • Coordination of a framing inspection prior to sheetrock installation (when applicable)
  • Pre-Taping, sheetrock and corner bead installation quality check
  • Pre-Texture, taping “Shine through”
  • Pre-Paint, sanding “Shine through
  • Post-Primer “Shine through” Punch
  • Pre-Move-in Buyer walk thru Punch
  • One Year Warranty

We know and understand that problems may arise even after our warranty punch, but our customers know that they can continue to count on our services even after the warranty period has ended.

We are pleased to offer our clients bid packages that can include steel framing, drywall, paint and stain packages, ACT ceilings and even custom interior finishes such as venetian plaster. We feel this offers our clientele logistic advantages, as well as peace of mind knowing that our team, that has so many years of experience satisfying customers, will be overseeing all phases of their project.

Using a great variety of materials, we turns ceilings and walls into showpieces. On each job, large or small, our craftspeople demonstrate their unique ability to translate an architect’s vision into reality. The results: walls and ceilings that integrate form and function beautifully with the interior. Craftsmanship means each job must meet our own exacting quality standards, the foundation of our reputation, from skillful estimating through final installation.

To schedule your customer service, please contact Andrew Barbosa at (602) 620-5320 or [email protected] or call our office at (602) 788-3833 and ask to speak with one of our professional team members. For questions concerning our customer service policies, please contact Jeremy Barbosa at (602) 620-5306 or [email protected]